Eco-Carpathians: Eco-Business Development in Border Carpathians as Chance for Better Economic Competitivenes (2013 – 2015)

Cross-border cooperation project “ECO-CARPATHIANS – Development of Eco-Business in the Carpathian Border, A Chance for Better Economic Competitiveness”, MIS ETC 1603, was:
– realized by the Municipal Public Association “Business Center” (Cernăuţi),
– in collaboration with:
Association for Economic and Regional Development – ADER (Suceava, Romania),
National Association for Rural Rural Development “ROMONTANA” (Vatra Dornei, Romania) and
International Small and Medium Business Association “Small Euro Business” (Balti, Republic of Moldova).

The project was run during the period 2013-2015 under the Joint Operational Program “Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova 2007-2013” (the EU grant under the ECO-CARPATI – Eco-Business Development in the Carpathian Border, a chance for better economic competitiveness “, MIS code ETC 1603, and represents EUR 715,510.25, equivalent in hryvnia – 7.866.605,89).

The basic objectives of the project:
(a) facilitating cross-border cooperation between mountain areas in the field of marketing of agricultural products, traditional crafts and eco-tourism, in order to develop a sustainable ecological economy by strengthening small and medium-sized businesses;
b) development of ecological sites in the border area by publishing common publications on ecological tourism, enriching knowledge about ecological tourism according to EU standards, exchange of best practices, elaboration of thematic routes in the three countries (Romania, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova);
c) improving the economic competitiveness of mountain areas through innovative start-ups created on the principles of green economy and green economy;
d) improving the infrastructure of mountain areas through thematic routes in the three countries (Romania, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova).

Project results:
– 60 people participated in eco-tourism, eco-agriculture and handicraft training;
– 45 business plans with an emphasis on eco-business (created by the participants in the project);
– 15 accommodation units participated in a 3 day training in the eco field;
– 20 guides, tourism agencies, local authorities from Romania, Ukraine and Moldova participated in a training in eco-tourism;
– 1 research report;
– a logo and an EcoBucovina brand have been created;
– 30 publications and news in the media in Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova;
– 1 short film promoting mountain eco-tourism;
– tourist brochures and maps with mountain regions;
– 5 thematic routes were created;
– 1 eco-festival in the mountain region of Ukraine.

Project duration: 21 months.

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