International Mountain Day


International Mountain Day – 11 December 2015

PROMOTING PRODUCTS MOUNTAIN improving quality of life


United Nations General Assembly declared December 11 “International Mountain Day”. Since 2003, it places a great emphasis on awareness of the importance of mountains to life, highlighting growth opportunities and constraints in mountain areas and building alliances that will bring positive change to mountain environments and populations. Promotion of mountain products is the selected theme for International Mountain Day celebration in 2015. Globalization provides opportunities for mountain producers to capitalize on high quality products such as dairy meat products, honey, medicinal and aromatic plants, berries, mushrooms, crafts and more, regionally, nationally and internationally. Even as mountain agriculture can not compete with the production and prices or quantities of low areas it should focus on value and quality that stimulates local economies. Travel-related services, such as winter sports, mountaineering, trekking and many more which offers visitors the opportunity to discover the biodiversity and unique landscapes represent just a part of the mountainous areas and communities. Tourism managed in a sustainable way (sustainable) can offer important opportunities for development in mountain regions. International Mountain Day 2015 gives us the opportunity to focus on how communities out biodiversity protection by producing mountain provide a wide variety of typical products and offering goods and services indispensable to us all. Even if the suggested theme for the International Year of the Mountain 2015 Mountain Promotion of Products, countries, communities and organizations are encouraged to celebrate this moment even by using other topics relevant to each. For more information, please log onto the official website of International Mountain Day.