Conference “Transforming the mountain regions of Romania” – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, World Bank – 27’th of June 2018

“Transforming the mountain regions of Romania” was the title of the Conference organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with the World Bank in Bucharest on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Among the guests were renowned international experts, Franz Fischler – former European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Thomas Dax – Senior analyst at the Austrian Federal Institute for Mountain Farming, Nicolas Evrard – Secretary General of the European Association of Elected Representatives of the Mountain Regions and World Bank experts. From Romania some of the most representative organizations and institutions for the specific character of the sustainable development of the mountain area were invited, including RoMontana Association (one of the oldest and most active in Romania) – represented by Rey Adrian Radu, President, as well as representatives of other ministries, members of the Committee for Agriculture in Parliament and local public authorities.
Presided by State Secretary Alexandru Potor, together with MADR experts in mountain farming policies, the conference aims to stimulate a broad debate with stakeholders interested in the challenges and opportunities for upland areas in Romania from the perspective of global and European trends, especially in the specificities of mountain farming, socio-economic and environmental impacts. The organization of this event came at a very important moment for the mountain areas in Romania, immediately after the adoption of the Mountain Law by the Parliament on Tuesday – June 26, 2018!